How do you like the idea of being able to listen to your lessons in NCC Subjects as well as normal classes while on the move ??? The following facts have prompted me to create this page.

1.     Students spend considerable time travelling between their homes and colleges (around 60 to 90 minutes in some places) twice daily. when compared to their friends living closer to the colleges, they lose out on this time, especially closer to the exam dates. It is very difficult to study or concentrate on your books while travelling in a bus/train/auto.

2.     Cadets are NOT able to attend NCC classes regularly. Even if they do, theory classes are NOT being given due importance by the PI Staff/ANOs. Most cadets, though interested to learn, are unable to do so for want of proper material on NCC Syllabus.

3.     Availability of net connection, especially among NCC cadets, is too low as they come from rural background. At the same time, Mobile phone density in the country is so high that most young students and a lot of NCC cadets are in possession of mobile sets with MP3 capability. Is it not a good idea to put the NCC syllabus(and other lessons) in simple, understandable english, in a format that can be used by all students at all times (while driving motorcycles, travelling, taking a break, during free time etc...). The idea is that someone downloads these lessons and spreads them through Bluetooth/USB to those who do not have access to internet. This page will be updated regularly (depending on its usefulness and feedback)

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