Ques 1.    What is the aim of Drill?

Ans  -  (a)       To inculcate a sense of discipline,

(b)            Improve bearing, smartness in appearance and turn out,

(c)            Create self confidence and

(d)            To develop the quality of immediate and implicit obedience to orders.

Ques 2.  Word of command ke kitne bhag hote hain?

Ans  -  (a)       Cautionary.

             (b)          Executive.

Ques  3  - What are the points to be checked in Savdhan?

Ans     (a)       Heels together and in line, feet turned out equally forming an angle  of 30                        degrees, knees straight without stiffness, hips level and drawn back slightly, body erect                and resting equally on hips, chest lifted and arched shoulders square, falling equally and             neck filling the collar.

(b)       Arms hanging straight down without stiffness so that the thumbs are immediately behind the seams of the trouser, back of the hand outwards, hands closed (not clenched) and thumbs straight to the front.

(c)        Head erect and square to the front, chin vertical and eyes straight to the front.

(d)       Weight of the body resting equally on the heels and the toe of the feet.

(e)       Bring heels together with extreme sharpness by lifting the left foot six inches from the ground and placing it flat and very firm besides the right, avoid stamping of foot.

Ques 4. Dehne Mur kitne degree ka hota hai aur ki paon par word of command idya jaata hai?

Ans. 90o degree aur bayen paon par.

Ques 5. Peechhe Mur kitne degree ka hota hai aur ki paon par word of command idya jaata hai?

Ans. 180o degree aur bayen paon par.

Ques 6. Bayen Mur kitne degree ka hota hai aur ki paon par word of command idya jaata hai?

Ans. 90o degree aur dehne paon par.

Ques 7. Squad ko kadd war karne ke liye karwai likho?

Ans.     (a)       Squad ek line mein.

(b)          Squad ek do ki ginti karo.

(c)          Ek number ek kadam aage aur do number ek kadam peechhe chal.

(d)          Ek number dehne aur do number bayen mur.

(e)          Dehna cadet khara rahey baaki teen line banaao, tez chal.

Ques 8. Khuli line chal mein word of command kiya hoga?

Ans. Khuli line chal.

Ques 9. Dressing ka word of command likho?

Ans. Sajj dehne sajj.

Ques 10. Salute kitne parkar ke hain?

Ans. Teen parkar ke:

            (a)          Saamne ka

(b)          Dehne ka

(c)          Bayen ka

Ques 11. Saamne ka salute kis paon par diya jaata hai?

Ans. Bayen par.

Ques 12. Dehne ka salute kis paon par diya jaata hai?

Ans. Bayen par.

Ques 13. Saamne ka salute kis paon par diya jaata hai?

Ans. Bayen par.

Ques 14. Word of command 'Parade par' milte hee squad kitne kadam ke baad tham karta hai?

Ans. 15 Kadam par.

Ques 15. Visarjan mein first turn kis taraf karte hain?

Ans. Dehne taraf.

Ques 16. Normal march karte waqt ek minute mein kitne kadam hote hai?

Ans. 120 Kadam.

Ques 17. Slow  march karte waqt ek minute mein kitne kadam hote hai?

Ans. 70 Kadam.

Ques 18.   Word of command 'Tez Chal' mein pehla kadam kitne inch ka hota hai?

Ans. 30 inch ka.

Ques 19.  Squad ko dehne ya bayen baaju karne ke liye word of command kiya hoga?

Ans.     (a)     Squad dehne baaju chal

(b)          Squad bayen baaju chal.

(c)          Squad aage chal.

(d)          Squad peechhe chal

Ques 20. Dehne, bayen, asage aut peechhe chal mein jiayada se jiayada kitne kadam hote hai?

Ans. Teen.

Ques 21. Squad dehne ya bayen baaju chal mein side step kitne inch ka hoga?

Ans. 12 inch ka.

Ques 22. Kadam taal kis liye karvaya jaata hai?

Ans.  (a)        Warm up karne ke liye

(b)          Kadam milane ke liye.

Ques 23. Tej chaal mein kadam taal kis paon par bolte hain?

Ans. Baeyen paon par.

Ques 24. Kaun kaun salute adhikari hote hain?

Ans. Nb Subedar aur uske upar sabhi adhikari.

                                                                 CHAPTER-III (A)


(Only for SD/SW Cadets)


Ques  1. Savdhan position mein rifle kis hath mein hoti hai?

Ans  - Dehna Hath.

Ques  2.   Aaram se position mein rifle kahan hoti hai?

Ans. Rifle ka butt dehne paon ke sath aur rifle aage ki taraf jhuki hui.

Ques  3. Rifle ko tol sashar mein kab kiya jaata hai?

Ans. Sameekhsha karam mein chalte waqat.

Ques 4. Bhumi sashtra mein rifle ka barrel kis disha mein hota hai?

Ans. Aage ki taraf.

Ques 5. Bhumi sashtra meion rifle ka magazine kis disha mein hota hai?

Ans. Dehne taraf.

Ques 6. Bagal sashtra ke hukam par kia karwai hoti?

Ans. Dehne haath se rifle ko upar uchhalo, baen haath se fore hand guard, Dehne haath se        

piston grip pakro. Rifle 900 angle par body ke saath lagaen, dehne haath se mazboot                 pakro, baey haath ko savdhan position men lao.

Ques 7. Baazu sashtra mein rifle kahan hoti hai?

Ans. Rifle neeche, butt dehen toe ke sath aur 900 par hoti hai.

Ques 8.  Salami sashtra kin kin ranks ko laagu hota hai?

Ans. Major aur upar ke ranks ko.

Ques 9. National salute kis ko laagu hota hai?

Ans. President and Governers of states.

Ques  10. General salute kis ko laagu hai?

Ans. Major General and above.

Ques 11.  Guard of honour kis kis ko laagu hota hai?

Ans. Senior Division Units  may  provide  guards  of  honour  to  the  following:-

            (a)       The  president,  Vice  President  and  the  Prime  Minister.

(b)       The  Governors  of  states  and  Lt  Governor/Chief  commissioners  of  Union  Territories. 

(c)        The  Defence  Minister /  Minister  in  the   Ministry  of  Defence / Deputy Defence  Minister. 

(d)       The  Chief  Minister  of  State.

(e)       The  Chief of  Army /Naval /Air  Staff.

(f)        The  Defence  Secretary.

(g)       The  General  Officer  commanding-in-Chief  of  the  command  in   which   the  Unit  is  located  (Army Wing  Units  only).

(h)       The  Flag  officer  Commanding-in-chief  within  their  Commands  (Naval wing units only).

(j)         The Air Officer  Commanding-in-Chief,  within  their  commands  (Air Wing Units  only).

(k)        The  Vice  chief of  Army/Naval/Air Staff.

(l)         The  Dignitaries  addressing   the  convocation  of  a  University.

(m)      Chancellor  of  a University  (where  Governor  of  the  State is  not  the  Chancellor).

(n)       Pro-Chancellor/Vice Chancellor of  a University  when  attending  important  university  functions  as  Chief  guest  in  their  University.

(o)          Director General NCC.

Ques 12  - Gaurd of honour ki nafri likho?

Ans  - The  strength  of  the  Guard of  Honour  will be  as  follow:-

            (a)       150  rank  and  file  for  the  President  (will  be  formed  up  in  3  equal  division).

            (b)       100 rank and  file  for  the  Vice  President  and  Prime  Minister  (will  be  formed  up  in  two  equal  division).

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