2 (A) Armd Sqn NCC, Guntur

1.         This unit was raised at GUNTUR during January 1956 by Captain JS  Kanwar, 17 Horse and was designated as 7 Andhra Armoured Squadron National Cadet Corps At that time the Senior Division Companies were affiliated to HIDHU COLLEGE. Junior Division troops were affiliated to HINDU COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL and Auxiliary Cadet Corps Troops to a number of other High School.

2.         The Squadron was re-organized in October 1964 and was re-designated as 2 Andhra Armoured Squadron National Cadet Corps. The Auxiliary Cadet Corps Troops were then disbanded and the Senior Division was re-affiliated to HINDU COLLEGE and ANDHRA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, both located at GUNTUR. The Junior Division Troop, however, continued to remain with Hindu College High School, GUNTUR.

3.         In April 1977 the Junior Division Troop with HINDU COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL was also transferred, thus having left this unit with only the Senior Division cadets. The intake strength of Senior Division Cadets has been reduced to 173 during the Training year 1979-80. Strength for the year 1999-2000 increased from 173 to 200 Cadets.

4.         On 01 Jan 2004 the Unit was named as 1 AP Indep Coy NCC, Guntur. The change did not have any effect on the Strength or affiliation of the Coy. However the Specialist element of armoured was removed. On 14 Oct 2004 Unit was re-named as 2(A)Armd Sqn NCC, Guntur.


Currently, the unit is commanded by Lt Col Prem Chand

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