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  Unit COs/OsC will hand over NCC Certificates at respective institution.

In case of any difficulty please cantact unit CO/OsC at "contact Us" 



C Certificate Examination

 'C' Certificate Examination is the culmination of NCC Training held after two years of training in the Senior Division. The exam is set for 500 marks. It comprises of Four papers as under :-

For Army Wing Cadets 

Paper I


85 marks (written 35 and practicals 50)

Pass marks 38

Paper II

Weapon Trg

75 marks (written 40 and practicals 35)

Pass marks 34

  Paper III

Miscellaneous Subjects

190 marks(includes 25 marks for National Integrateion, 54 marks for Leadership, 29 marks for Desaster Management, 33 marks for Social Service, 29 marks for Heath and Hygiene, 8 marks for adventure training and 12 marks for environment and ecology). NO PRACTICALS.

Pass marks 86  

  Paper IV

 Specialized Subjects

150 marks( Written 105 and Prac 45).

Army Units (including all spl units except R&V Units).    Written consists of 08 marks for Armed Forces(10 for SW), 30 marks for map reading, 30 marks for Fieldcraft and Battlecraft(20 for SW), 21 marks for introduction to Infantry Weapons and Equipment(only for SD) and16 marks for Military History(15 for SW). SW cadets have 35 marks for Home Nursing.

Practicals consist of Obstacle Training, Judging Distance and Navigation. 

Pass marks 68

It can be noted that while Papers I,II and IV consist of both Written and Prac Examinations, Paper III consists only of Written(Theory) part. This is mainly taught by the ANOs and refreshed during the camps. Cadets are generally of the openion that NCC means Drill, Firing and social service. It can be seen from above that a cadet has to put in efforts to study and also be able to write on varied subjects during the exams. If the PI Staff and ANOs are only concentrating on teaching you Drill and Firing, You must request them to teach other subjects as well. There are prescribed books and booklets available in the market for the same. Your NCC units can help in this regard. 

For better preparation by the cadets for certificate exams, we are providing solved exam papers of C Certificate pertaining to previous years.

Click Here to view the same.

Click here to view a calendar of all training activities planned in the entire Training Year (not updated for 2016)

Col Shaji John, Commander Guntur Group NCC

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